Blue Light: Hidden Behind the Screen

Posted July 8, 2019

Smartphones, tablets, TVs, and computers have all drastically changed how we communicate, work, and see the world. We can easily be sitting in an office chair but also see the surf in the outer banks or catch up on last nights game. Seemingly harmless and a great way to stay connected to the world, however, Read more…

How to Care for Contact Lenses

Posted June 12, 2019

Contact lenses, like many medical devices, are incredibly safe provided you care for your lenses and eyes according to the instructions of your doctor. Here are a few general rules to live by if you’re a contact-lens wearer: Keep them clean and moist Soaking your lenses in contact solution when they aren’t in use keeps Read more…

Annual Eye Exam: Why is it Important?

Posted April 24, 2019

Believe it or not, we’re already one-third of the way through 2019! Time sure flies, doesn’t it? As we look forward to graduations, summer breaks, and family vacations, we want to remind you to plan for that annual eye exam, too.   No matter your age, yearly eye exams are just as important as your Read more…

Say Cheese! A Brief History of Retinal Imaging

Posted March 19, 2019

Being able to see inside of the eye is key in properly diagnosing any conditions or medical concerns you may have. When you come to Invision for your annual appointment, we use advanced imaging equipment in order to see what’s going on inside of your eye. Some of it even uses the same technology as Read more…

Sharing Isn’t Always Caring

Posted February 22, 2019

There are a number of myths out there about eye care and glasses. Ever heard that eating lots of carrots will fix you eyesight? That’s one of them! While you will get plenty of Vitamin A, eating baby carrots by the handful will only turn your skin orange, not change your vision. Another myth is Read more…

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