Fun in the Sun(glasses)

Posted July 11, 2018

By this point, we all know that sunburn is no joke. Along with the painful few days you’ll spend bathing in aloe and ice packs to then shed your skin like a lizard, it can cause dangerous and deadly illnesses, like sun poisoning or–in the long-term–skin cancer. So we know to apply and reapply that Read more…

Meet Lisa Clark!

Posted June 13, 2018

When Lisa Clark asked her fellow opticians at Invision’s Salem office what words describe her, they said: helpful, supportive, jovial, Snow White (“I may feed and talk to squirrels on my lunch break,” she explained), problem-solver, fun, dependable, and Yoda. For that last one, she said she hoped it was because of her wisdom and Read more…

WOOW! Check Out Our Newest Designer Brand

Posted May 9, 2018

We’re always looking for up-and-coming names in designer frames, because we want our patients to have the best in both eye care and optical style. We’re here to introduce the newest addition to our collection: WOOW, a fashion-forward, funky, fresh, and fun Parisian brand. When we say they’re fun, we mean it. WOOW combines color, Read more…

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Posted April 10, 2018

Our moms do so much for us. No matter how old we get, our moms will always worry about us and love us unconditionally. Showing appreciation for the women who raised you is something we encourage you do daily. Mother’s Day, however, is the day to give those special women a truly special day. If Read more…

Why You Should Invest in Quality Eyewear

Posted March 14, 2018

Buying a new pair of eyeglasses can be a tricky task. Do you go for stylish black, bold color, or funky patterns? Thick or thin frames? Square or round or something in-between? Amid all the style choices, thinking about quality may get lost in the shuffle. Buying frames of good quality, however, is just as Read more…

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