Start 2020 Clearly with a #2020EyeExam

Posted January 8, 2020

We all know the importance of an annual physical to ensure our health. But what about your eyes? Sure, you may think of this as necessary only if you wear glasses or contacts, or perhaps have a problem with your vision. Think again because a comprehensive eye exam is just as important to your health Read more…

December: Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Posted December 17, 2019

December: Safe Toys and Gifts Month   December is the month of gifts, snow, twinkling lights on a tree, and lots of holiday cheer. Every child looks forward to Christmas Day and opening all those beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree. Parents everywhere love watching the excitement and joy their children have in all those Read more…

Your Eyes and Autumn

Posted October 5, 2019

Autumn weather is finally here and the leaves are beginning to color and drop. Our children love trick-or-treating through the drifting red-orange foliage and burying each other in the heaping piles. It’s a last chance to mow the lawn and time to enjoy the cooling weather together as a family. But fall is also the Read more…

Eyes and How They Age

Posted September 30, 2019

Introduction As we age, we begin to notice changes in our bodies, including our eyes. Do you ever notice that your eyes are extra sensitive to light or glare on your computer screen? Maybe smaller font sizes are more difficult to see than usual, or your eyes seem to be dry and irritated. Aging comes Read more…

What to Expect During an Eye Exam

Posted September 12, 2019

Regular eye exams help detect eye problems at early stages and alert your doctor to prescription needs. However, we know some people find doctor visits to be scary, or uncomfortable. Especially when we’re getting up close and personal with your eyes!  If you haven’t had an eye exam, or if it’s been some time since Read more…

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