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We want to show you what sets our practice apart in this community. We want you to feel confident choosing Invision for all of your eye care needs.

Our team of doctors, state-licensed opticians, and supportive staff are all united in striving to provide the very best in eyecare and eye fashion. With offices in Christiansburg and Salem, we offer convenient and flexible locations for those living in the Roanoke and New River Valley regions.

To keep in touch, learn more about eye health, and get to know our team we encourage you to keep up with our blog. We love giving you this glimpse into our world, and enjoy educating our clients about eye health outside the office.

We have a simple but unique philosophy for our practice. This philosophy combines cutting edge technology with highly relational, patient-centered care. Ultimately, our philosophy allows us serve you with excellence.

We strive to make all our patients feel welcome, and we do our best to make appointments as easy and convenient as possible. Under the New Patient tab (nestled in Meet Us,) you can find welcome & health history forms, which can be filled out at home and either brought to your appointment or sent electronically. We like to keep things easy for you.

Our patients love our team of doctors and staff, and comment daily on the friendly, efficient and professional service they receive from our team at Invision. We encourage you to read our reviews, left by your neighbors and friends, that speak to how the community embraces us and our commitment to care. We have also been honored with several local — and even some national– awards.

While dedicated to supporting eye health, we are also all about fun, funky, and fashion-focused frames. If you like a sleek and timeless style we will help you identify that perfect pair. However, if you find yourself eager to push boundaries and make a bold statement with your eyewear, we’ve got you covered, too! Our team loves helping people find eyewear that reflects their personal style while also providing optimal vision.

Whether you need an eye exam for a family member, are thinking about getting contacts, or are ready to treat yourself to that perfect pair of eyeglasses – our team at Invision is ready to help! You can even make appointment requests online for either our Salem or Christiansburg locations.

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