Looking For Eyewear You Will Love?

Your eyewear is the first thing people see when they look at you. Not only does it determine first impressions, but having the right eyewear can help boost your confidence. Great eyewear gives you the right look and right feel with crystal clear vision. Here are 10 things to look for when shopping for Eyewear:

Choices Styles, shapes & colors count. Have you discovered the perfect style but want a different color? That should be no problem at a full service optical shop. Look for a shop that carries over 1000 frames; those will provide excellent selection for whatever your style & preferences may be.

Expert Help Make sure the optical shop has friendly, professional, State-Licensed opticians to help guide you when you need help, and give you room to make your decision.

Better Fit  – Experienced opticians can insure your frame fits properly. If your frame does not fit your face it effects both your vision and your appearance. You need to touch, feel and try a frame to insure it fits properly. 

Precise Measurements Experienced opticians know how to measure frames to perfectly fit your face, and how to position lenses so you’re comfortable and can see perfectly.

Sharper Vision Consider all lens materials like Glare-free Crizal coatings, Transition lenses, Progressive (No-Line) bifocals and new thin-lens technology in order to find which lenses work best for your needs.

Brands Look for popular brands and brands you can’t find elsewhere, so you can have a unique look perfect for your personal style & tastes.

Ultraviolet Protection and Scratch Resistant Lenses These lenses should be included at no charge. If you are obtaining eyewear from an optical shop other than Invision, be sure to ask about these specific items in case there are hidden fees.

Consideration of Your Visual Needs  What do you need for work? Home? Recreation?  In the same way you use different shoes for different occasions, you may need different eyewear styles and optical lens designs to suit your lifestyle needs.

Sunglasses Like with eyewear, look for  shops with multiple brands in order to have the best selection: Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, Oakley and Oliver Peoples are all great brands.

On-site Optical labs  An on-site lab will have a wider variety of lenses to choose from, and will provide faster service & better quality control.

Eyewear Warranty Look for a place that offers coverage for breaks, damage or scratches. The best warranties are 18 months and included at no charge. Some retailers do not include a warranty, charge extra or limit it to 12 months. Better materials will have better warranties. They last longer. The best glasses in the world are not helpful if they break and start falling apart shortly after you receive them.

Satisfaction Guarantee The best optic stores will offer to repair, replace or refund your money if anything goes awry. Beware of retailers who will only give you credit–not a refund–if you are not happy with your eyewear.

All the choices for eyewear stores can be confusing and overwhelming. We hope these tips will help you in both selecting the eyewear itself and the purchasing process. In the end, you need a place where you trust the staff with your style, budget, and individual vision needs. And remember, you can always trust us at Invision to take great care of you and deliver eyewear you love.

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