Glasses or Contact Lenses | What is the Best Option for You?

Posted May 24, 2022


There is no easy answer to which is better: glasses or contacts. Like everything in life, they come with pros and cons. One is not necessarily better than the other, it highly depends on your lifestyle, vision, comfort, and personal preferences.  

Glasses are always a great option for individuals who do not have perfect 20/20 vision. Not only are they typically cheaper than contacts, they are also the easiest and most convenient for vision correction. Here are a few reasons why glasses may be the best option for you!

  • If they are well taken care of and your prescription doesn’t change often, glasses can last for many years.
  • They lessen the need to touch your eyes when wearing, therefore reducing the chance of developing an eye infection or irritation.  
  • Glasses are fun! You are able to choose frames depending on your style and personality.  

Glasses can take a while to get used to when you first begin wearing them or when your prescription changes. Your peripheral vision can appear distorted and objects may be more difficult to focus on. 

With that being said, contacts are a great alternative! Unlike glasses, contacts are able to conform to your eye shape, giving you a clearer and more natural vision. Why else may contacts be the better option for you?  

  • You don’t have to worry about the weather conditions. Unlike glasses, contacts are not affected by the humidity, rain, or snow.
  • They provide comfortability to your life. They move with your eye and nothing blocks what you see.
  • If you are an athlete or active individual who struggles with vision impairment, contacts offer the best possible solution. 

Regardless, contacts may not always benefit you. They are very delicate, so when removing and cleaning, you have to be extremely cautious of tearing them. Good hygiene is imperative when handling contacts. If you’re not caring for them on a daily basis, contacts can potentially cause a serious eye infection.

At the end of the day, it really depends on your personal preference. If you are still on the fence about which may be a better fit, ask your doctor for a sample pack of contact lenses! If you decide contacts are the best option for you but suddenly develop an eye infection or irritation, or simply want to give your eyes a break, it’s great to have an up-to-date pair of glasses to throw on.

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