On-site Optical labs. Faster service. Better quality control.

Both our Christiansburg and Salem locations have on-site optical lens labs with hundreds of lenses in stock. We work with lenses in all designs, from single vision to progressive no-line multifocals in advanced plastics and “Thin-Lens” technology. All of our lenses include UV blocking to protect your eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays. We also include scratch coating on all of our lenses to protect your investment in sight. Glare free lenses, transitions lenses and all the latest optical technology are available in both locations.

Here are some of the reasons you should come to us for all your eyewear needs:

  • 18 Month Warranty
    Included with your eyewear at no charge is an unmatched 18 month warranty. The quality and durability of the frames and lenses we offer allows us to provide this unsurpassed level of warranty service.
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
    If you don’t love your new eyewear we will re-make them, replace them or refund your money.
  • 18 Point Quality Inspection
    Invision eyewear must pass an 18 point quality inspection before they are ready for you. We never use counterfeit products from grey markets, to ensure all our frames and lenses are of the highest quality.
  • Exclusive Brands
    We carry many exclusive
    styles and collections unique to Invision with over 1,000 options to choose from.
  • Touch, feel and try on different styles. See how the colors look with your complexion. See how the frame complements your face. This can only be done in person if you want to sure you are making a wise decision about eyewear.
  • No Hidden Fees
    All of our lenses include UV filter and scratch resistant coating, along with our unsurpassed warranty and money back guarantee. Many run of the mill optical shops charge separately for any and all of these items. We offer no surprises, no “nickel and diming” fees and eyewear that you can feel good about.
  • Easy to Work With
    Our patients love coming to us. We do our best to make selecting eyewear easy, fun, and convenient. With our flexible hours, varied eyeglass selection, and skilled professionals, we make every experience an exceptional one.
  • A Local Trusted Brand – Invision has a track record of over 20 years helping people to see better and look better. We put our patients first.
  • Better Fit – Our experienced opticians will insure your frame fits your face. Proper fit means better comfort and better vision. The right fit makes you look your best.
  • Durable frames – Cheap glasses can sometimes be hard to tell from quality eyewear – at first! But soon when the frame finish peels, the lenses pop out and they temples fall off it is too late to return them. You are stuck with cheap glasses and the bargain doesn’t look so good. Better eyewear is more durable. It carries a longer warranty. The Invision eyewear warranty is an incredible 18 months!
  • State Licensed Opticians
    Our state-licensed opticians combine their expertise with compassionate care to provide high-quality service. With their extensive knowledge of our products and lens technologies, they will help you navigate through the plethora of options to find what fits your style and optical needs. They are trained to provide precise lens and frame measurements, so your glasses fit you perfectly. And never fear: our opticians always take a patient-first approach. They’re here to help, not to sell.