7 Tips You Need to Know When Choosing Your Eye Exam!

Whether you want clear vision, healthy eyes or just attractive eyewear – this is what to look for in the office that will test your eyes:


Reputation matters, Reviews count!

In today’s world of on-line reviews, if an eye doctors office has only a few reviews, or worse yet, negative reviews, then you need to think twice about trusting them to care for your eyes.  Look for real reviews from real people- in real time. Here is how to check them out: Google the practice name (you want information about the entire office, not just the doctor) and the city or town of the office you desire. Look for reviews of 4+ stars out of 5 – like this. Reviews should be current. 2 year old reviews are less reliable than recent reviews. Read as many reviews as you need to get a feel for the office. If a large number of reviewers like the doctors, staff, service and products then you can feel more comfortable with your choice.

Bonus Tip: See if they have won any Awards – especially if voted for by local people or media sources you trust.

An Eye Doctor that does not keep you waiting!

Doctors offices usually mean well – but too often they try to work urgent visits into an already packed schedule, which leads to delays. Even more amazing is that some doctors double book visits. Offices that are more considerate of your time build extra spaces for emergency visits into the daily schedule and don’t double book appointments. Ultimately, that shows up in reviews.  One of the most common reviewer complaints is excessive wait time.  On the other hand, patients seen “on time” will frequently mention it as part of a positive experience in reviews.

Services available when you need them, including Saturdays and after 5 PM.

You are busy, right?  Need a Saturday exam?  Need glasses repaired or adjusted during lunch break? Need to pick up glasses after work or after your child’s practice which just ran past 5:00?  Wake up with an eye infection on Saturday?  You need your doctor and their team in those situations.
Look for offices that have more than 1 doctor for the best odds of coverage.  Appointments should be available 6 days a week.  The optical should also be open after 5:00 and on Saturdays.  And one more big thing- the office should be open during your lunch hour – nothing is more frustrating than running out for a quick lunchtime errand and finding a closed office.

A choice of male or female Eye Doctors

It is one sign of a well rounded office -and sometimes it is just nice to have that choice available for your family.

When it comes to INSURANCE you need an expert on YOUR side.

Do you have medical insurance like Medicare, vision insurance like EyeMed or none at all?  Which option gives you the best coverage?  No one likes surprises when it come to insurance coverage.  The best eye doctors offices will let you know what will be covered and what will not – before you even walk through the front door.  The best way to guarantee this is to call with your insurance card in hand.  Even before your appointment your doctors team should be able to go on-line in real time to   determine what is covered and will work best for you.  That insurance information is powerful and you should have it when you schedule your visit!

Your family needs a convenient, full service eye care center – and that makes your choice easy. Look for these products and services:

  • Eye exams -for you and the family
  • Eyewear -in many styles, shapes and colors.
  • Sunglasses – Name brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Fendi, D&G.
  • Contact lenses
  • Eye disease management -diabetes, cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma
  • Lasik consultations
  • Eye emergencies
  • Treatment of dry eye, allergies, infections, pink eye
  • Children’s vision care

You want a great selection of Eyewear and Opticians that care.

(Find more Tips on choosing Eyewear here).

Glasses reflect your look and you want trained, licensed, professional opticians to help you find just the right glasses for your needs.  You should feel confident about looking great in your glasses.  Lifestyle, complexion and face shape should all be part of your choice of frame style.  Individuality is essential. Color is cool.  A large selection of eyewear and sunglasses is vital.

Also, a good optician will take time to find out what you really need, not just try to put you in a “one size fits all” product.  Do you use a monitor, laptop or tablet?  iPhone or Android?  Do you have sunglass needs?  Is it harder to see clearly when reading now?  What lenses are available for your needs?   Look for an eyewear warranty -18 months is best – and a money back guarantee.  Both should be included at no charge. We advise you to ask about these items to avoid surprises.


We hope these 7 tips will guide you to find the best local eye doctor for you. You deserve an eye doctor that you are confident to see each year.  You want a place where you are comfortable referring your family & friends based on the care you know they will receive.  Its about service, trust, confidence and care.  Search carefully with these tips in mind then let us know when you are ready to request an appointment.

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