Meet Krista!

Posted September 20, 2018

If you’ve come into our Christiansburg office, you’ve probably been greeted by a few friendly faces, one of whom is Krista! Krista is one of our receptionists at Invision and she makes certain all of our patients have a great visit from the moment they step foot in the door. Krista has been a steady Read more…

Nutrition and Your Eyes

Posted August 30, 2018

We’ve all probably heard the phrase “eat your veggies!” at some point in our lives, especially during our childhood years. At Invision, we understand that when faced with a bowl of spinach or a bowl of ice cream, most people would choose the latter. However, proper diet and nutrition are important because we need more Read more…

What’s Your Vision for Adventure?

Posted August 7, 2018

Here at Invision, we are humbled each day by our amazing clients and friends. Our staff is committed to bringing the highest quality optometry to our area, with locations in both Salem and Christiansburg, Virginia. We decided it was time to celebrate our region in a big way, so we asked our friends to show Read more…

Fun in the Sun(glasses)

Posted July 11, 2018

By this point, we all know that sunburn is no joke. Along with the painful few days you’ll spend bathing in aloe and ice packs to then shed your skin like a lizard, it can cause dangerous and deadly illnesses, like sun poisoning or–in the long-term–skin cancer. So we know to apply and reapply that Read more…

Meet Lisa Clark!

Posted June 13, 2018

When Lisa Clark asked her fellow opticians at Invision’s Salem office what words describe her, they said: helpful, supportive, jovial, Snow White (“I may feed and talk to squirrels on my lunch break,” she explained), problem-solver, fun, dependable, and Yoda. For that last one, she said she hoped it was because of her wisdom and Read more…

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