Does Your Child Need Glasses?

Posted August 19, 2019


When you’re preparing your child for Back-to-School, you always make sure their backpack is ready and full of supplies: notebooks, pencils, glue sticks, lunch box, binders, and…glasses? 

Strong vision is critical for kids in school, and glasses are a tool for academic success, just like all the other supplies on their lists! An annual back-to-school eye doctor appointment is one way to make sure your children’s eyes are in tip-top shape. There are also a number of signs you can watch for:

      1. Squinting

The stereotypical, and very common, symptom of poor eyesight: squinting! Squinting can improve focus and clarity of objects for those with refractive errors, which includes nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. If you notice your child is squinting when trying to see items up close or far away, or just seems to be squinting more in general, it may be time for glasses. 

      2. Head Tilting or Covering One Eye

This may look cute for photos, but consistent head tilting may mean your child is having trouble seeing. Tilting the head, or covering one eye, adjusts the angle of vision, which may provide marginal, temporary relief from blurred vision. This is also a common sign in those with amblyopia, or lazy eye, as they attempt to readjust for clarity.

      3. Sitting Too Close 

A kid who sits too close to the TV maybe isn’t trying to hurt their eyes, but instead might be showing signs of myopia, or nearsightedness. If they’re holding handheld devices or a book right up to their nose, or complaining about being unable to see the board in class, then that’s a good sign they need their eyes checked. 

      4. Strain & Pain

All that squinting and tilting and struggling to adjust can cause headaches and eye aches. If you notice your child is rubbing their eyes (a sign of eye strain and fatigue) frequently, or is complaining of consistent headaches at the end of a long school day, schedule an appointment with their eye doctor.  

      5. Unable to Concentrate

School requires students to be able to see and to be able to constantly shift their focus between things up close, far away, and in between. A student who can only see half the things being taught will, understandably, struggle with concentrating on their work. If you begin to notice trends in their behavior reports and recognize a lack of focus during homework – especially when paired with some of these other symptoms – consider making an appointment to have their vision tested. 

In order for your kids to be great students, they need to have the tools to succeed. For some, those tools are the standard pencils and paper, but for others, glasses are a necessary addition to their back-to-school packing list. Make sure your young scholar has everything they need to be at the top of their class: schedule their annual eye doctor appointment at our Christiansburg or Salem locations, and keep an eye out for those warning signs throughout the school year! 

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