Technology that Connects: Demandforce

Posted December 9, 2014


Invision was recently chosen as a beta tester for a new customer service software feature from Demandforce.

Invision fully embraces technology that allows us to better serve our patients! Because of our increasingly digitalized world our clients expect and need customer service that is in line with the latest technology. The software program Demandforce does exactly that!  It enables us to communicate with our patients Demandforcebased on their preferences via text, email, and now by phone. We like that it is automated, reliable, and customized for each person.

Technology is ever growing and evolving and Demandforce is no exception to that. Invision is privileged to be able to stay on the very latest of their developing technology. Since Invision has been a long time Deandforce user we have been selected to participate in their Beta tester program for Voice, a new feature to help practices reach their entire patient base, including those that do not wish to receive email or text reminders.

This new Voice capability offers a new feature that will allow us to automate confirmation reminders by phone for patients who cannot be contacted via email or text message. In contrast to having to manually make patient reminder calls; Demandforce Voice now automates phone reminders, leaving the front desk staff to focus on other tasks.  This feature will allow Invision to better meet the needs of all our patients and will also help patients remember and keep their appointments. It’s a win-win!

We reached out to Demandforce directly for an explanation as to how it works. Here’s what their marketing team had to say:

Once voice reminders have been activated, patients without an email address or cell phone number will begin to receive automated phone reminders three business days before their appointment date. During the call the patient will be asked to either confirm their appointment, reschedule, or opt-out of future automated calls. If they confirm, this will be reflected on the Demandforce Dashboard as “Confirmed” next to the patient’s name. If they reschedule they will be connected with [Invision] to modify their appointment and if they opt-out they will no longer receive automated call reminders.

High-tech alone isn’t enough. The irony is that in our increasingly digital world we also need to maintain personal connections and foster relationships more than ever. Demandforce also allows for that! In Demandforce a patient can connect with our live-team, on location, with one simple click. Also, Demandforce allows our team to have more time to connect one-on-one with patients in our office and to provide them with nothing but exceptional customer service.

We look forward to this putting this exciting new technology to good use and are excited that Demandforce chose us as a beta tester!

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