Understand the signs it is time for an eye exam

5 Signs It’s Time For An Eye Exam

Posted January 18, 2022


Eyesight is arguably one of the most important and useful gifts of our five senses. Because these organs are so important, it is essential to keep them healthy! Just like any other part of our body, the eyes should be monitored for any abnormalities or inconsistencies. Being vigilant about any changes in your eyesight could save your eyes in the long run. A check up every year is always a good idea, but if you do not receive annual exams, your eyes will usually tell you when you need help. 

When Should I Get an Eye Exam?


You’re having headaches around the eyes.

If your eyes are straining to focus, it may cause an ocular headache. This indicates your current glasses may be too strong or that you might require reading glasses. Additionally, if the headaches are severe enough to cause vision loss, consulting an eye doctor is imperative, as this could be a sign of a swollen optic nerve.


You’re squinting and still not focusing.

Changes in vision can mean different things. For example, a child struggling to read the blackboard in a classroom could be an indication that myopia is starting to develop. An adult struggling to read street signs may need a new or updated glasses prescription.


Your eyes feel dry.

Dry eyes can lead to a number of problems, from blurred vision to reflexive tearing. These types of problems should be addressed immediately.


It’s getting harder to see at night.

If you’re finding that it is getting increasingly harder than usual to read street signs at night, it could indicate that your farsightedness is exacerbated, specifically in the dark. Additionally, if the glare from the headlights or streetlights is causing extreme discomfort, this could be an indicator of cataracts, especially in patients over the age of 50.


You can’t remember your last visit to an eye doctor.

Most doctors recommend that adults attend a check up exam annually. It is important to work with your own eye care provider to determine the proper amount of eye exams for you. Children, and those with diabetes, however are encouraged to visit the eye doctor at least once every year.


Anytime you notice that your vision has changed, it’s important to get an exam to make sure your eyes are still healthy. It could be that maybe you just need a new prescription for your glasses or contact lenses, or it could be something more serious, and it is important to find out, so you can identify a solution, and keep your eyes in great shape!

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