Sharing Hope & Giving the Gift of Sight

Posted December 18, 2014


Did you know that Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and many of the people there survive on roughly $2.00 a day? The people of Nicaragua have many basic needs, such as vision care, that simply go unmet. That is, unless others make the decision to go, serve these people, meet their needs, and give them hope. A group of 24 people from the New River Valley, to include Dr. Scott Mann and Dr. Becky Mann, plan to do exactly that.

Mission Trip 3The team is traveling to Puerto Cabezas, a town on the remote northeast coast of Nicaragua near Honduras. They will partner with a local Nicaraguan church, Verbo Church. Verbo Church works diligently day in and day out to better the lives of those in Puerto Cabezas through an orphanage, school, and church. The missions team is going to work alongside these people and aid them in their ongoing efforts. This trip is not about going, throwing resources at a group in need, and leaving patting each other on the back. This trip is about so much more.

Everyone going on the trip has a common faith in Jesus as the son of God. They share God’s love for the poor and orphans and are going to serve in His name. They will assist with continuing construction of a church in a nearby village, set up health clinics, have women’s and kids programs, train teachers, and also feed the homeless who live at the “dump” site—which is literally a trash site.

The orphanage is already doing incredible things for the people of Puerto Cabezas. They are working to equip the children to break the cycle of poverty through teaching the children work skills, parenting skills, educating them, and loving them extremely well.  They also work to instill in each child the ultimate hope and joy, which is found in Jesus.BIble Verse

Another component of this trip, that involves Dr. Scott & Dr. Becky’s help, is to provide 300 glasses to those with vision problems. The glasses have been donated by various people and organizations around the New River Valley. Dr. Mann will provide exams and ensure the right glasses end up with the right person. For some, this will be the first time in their life that they have seen clearly. He was recently interviewed by WSLS about this trip and his role within the missions team.

The beautiful irony about this missions trip is the amount that the team will receive back through giving and serving. Seeing the joy in the faces of those who can finally see clearly is indescribable. Experiencing the excitement of the children, as they are made to feel special and valued, is a feeling that can never be forgotten. And having the opportunity to deliver the ultimate message of hope and love is a blessing.

Quick Facts:

* The Sponsoring Church is New Horizons in Radford, Virginia but other churches are sending members as well

* The youngest  on the team is 9 & the oldest is over 60

* The team is made up of medical professionals, optometrists, a physical therapist, an engineer, stay at home moms, a psychologist, and students

* Locals speak Spanish but many speak a local dialect called Miskito

* Nicaragua had a 20 year civil war from 1970-1990 and the country infrastructure is still recovering

* Nicaragua is a Land of Volcanoes, Banana tress & Barbed wire (remnants of the Civil War).

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