We Are Thankful

Posted November 24, 2016



This year, we intentionally paused and reflected on the many blessings in our lives. Some of the things are seemingly silly and small (sweet tarts, swiss cake rolls, and the snooze button!) but we also reflected on the biggest and most significant blessings in our lives.

We have so much to be thankful for and our wonderful patients are at the top of our list. We mean that sincerely–it is an honor to serve you each and every day. Although it is our job to serve you, somehow you always find ways to give back to us–whether it is a kind word of support, gestures of appreciation, or friendly interactions during visits to our office.

As you browse this list it is our hope that you will also pause and reflect on the many things you are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from Invision!


Jesus and the grace He freely gives. My sweet husband and family. My puppy, Hayes. Iced coffee!

Sarah, Doctor’s Assistant-Salem


Family Friends Food Manis & Pedis Shopping

Betsy, Insurance Billing & Pretest Scribe-Salem


Faith, family, and football- Go Pokes!

Katie, Doctor’s Assistant-Salem


My God, that I lean on daily. My four children and ten grandchildren. I still have my mother and father. I still have a very special aunt and uncle That I have someone special that loves me so much. For my loving and caring co-workers – Amazing! For my church and my church family.

Lisa CriglerLicensed Optician-Salem


Good health, my devoted family, wine!

Courtney, CPOA-Christiansburg


Faith, my mother, and my amazing husband, Rick.  My son, who never ceases to amaze me with his heart. Sunshine. Snooze buttons!

Lisa Clark, Licensed Optician-Salem


Family, friends, coworkers, coffee, teachers, freedom, job, laughter, health, food, shelter and chocolate

Angel, Receptionist-Christiansburg


Jesus and the freedom to pray to Him whenever I want. Stars in the Heavens. My family–I have the world’s cutest nephews, ages 23, 21, 3, and a brand new great nephew. My snuggly Sheltie, Heidi. Starbucks Mocha. Good books & the ability to read them. A steady income to feed my addiction to the movies. A table full of good food to share with my family this Thanksgiving.

Mary, Licensed Optician-Salem


I am thankful for my family, friends, coffee, a wonderful place to work, a roof over my head, and food on my plate everyday.

Morgan, Para Optometric Professional-Christiansburg


Family, work,  family, my church family, two awesome children that keep me laughing, Mountain Dew, and McDonalds.

Krista, CPOC & Receptionist-Christiansburg


Family, friends, and Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.

Dr. Ami Nadolsky, Optometrist-Salem


I am Thankful for my Lord, our men and women that serve this great country, my family and friends that love me in spite of myself!

Dee, Licensed Optician-Christiansburg


Jesus’ death on the cross, Invision, my church family, Netflix, music

Melissa, Doctor’s Assistant-Salem


Forgiveness. The beauty of creation. My wife Becky and 3 sons Mark, Michael & Will. The team at Invision, that I am blessed to work with. Speech to text. Sweet-Tarts.

Dr. Scott Mann, Optometrist-Christiansburg


Family, friends, food, manis & pedis, and shopping.

Betsy, Insurance Billing & Pretest Scribe-Salem


Grace upon grace. My supportive husband and two kids (they are such cool people). This gorgeous place we get to call home. Coffee, chocolate, and peanut butter.

Caitlyn, Marketing Consultant – Salem and Christiansburg

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